Consumers are constantly on the lookout for unique taste sensation and Gogia chemicals always stays a step ahead to provide utterly unique taste consumers seeks. Our processed flavours are all about the very best of nature, highly potent and wonderful concentrates which provide multi-sensory exploration. Our flavourist does so much more than just create flavours, their expertise always knows best for consumers which can make your food or beverage truly indulgent.

Processed Flavours

Gogia chemicals Introduces a wide variety of conceptual beginning in the field of food and flavour.

Processed Flavours:
  • Button Mushroom BMF
  • Green Onion GOP
  • Cream Onion COP
  • Red Onion ROP11/5
  • Ginger Ale GAP
  • Spicy Tomato STP
  • Garlic GP3/6
  • Tombo TMRB
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