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Gogia Chemical Industries



about gogia

About Gogia Chemicals

Established in 1966 by Mr. H . N . Gogia . chemical industries is a pioneer in orange oil cold pressed . Thus fulfilling the requirements of all the major flavours and fragrance houses in the domestic arena.

Company started the manufacturing of flavours, a few year later and got a very good response from the market. It is now one of the leaders in food flavouring and is associated with quite a large number of industries houses, having a clientele over 2000 in the domestic market, serving all kinds of snack food, beverages, bakeries, confectioneries, fast food, pharmaceuticals & Liquors etc.

As the market kept on expanding the need for backward integration arised, thus company started manufacturing a large No. of aroma chemicals and essential oils, which are now marketed all over the country, as well as exported to numerous clients all over the world, which include a large No. of MNC's looking for their requirements of flavours and fragrances.

The company was hungry for new markets thus newer products were introduced i.e. fragrance line, specialty chemicals, whereby in no time, we were able to get a good market share in the above said products and we also got a good response from our overseas buyers. Now, these products are successfully marketed all over the country, as well as abroad i.e. U.S., Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia etc. whereby now world is our playground.

The company is very well equipped as it has a very sophisticated lab, along with a team of eight qualified chemists, who are looking after the aspects as quality control, blending, manufacturing of aroma chemicals, essential oils & flavours.

The company now boasts of holding a library of more than 1500 different chemicals, essential oils, absolutes etc. The company is also engaged in manufacture custom/tailor made products to fulfill the needs of the supporters. It now hold more than 1300 different formulations, out of which approx. 600 or so are already on the lists.

We also boast of an excellent sales/ marketing team, which is looking both the organized sector, middle scale sector and the mushroom / our organized sector throughout the country from north to south and east to west. Now it is one of the most renowned name in the industry.